Thousands of students in major cities across Indonesia on Monday protested a rise in food prices and a possible extension of President Joko Widodo’s term in office.

Wearing neon jackets and raising megaphones, the students rallied in South Sulawesi, West Java and the capital, Jakarta, following rumors that President Widodo could shift 2024 general elections in an attempt to hold on to power.

That would be against the country’s two-term limit. Widodo is currently in the final years of a second term, before the next election, in 2024.

Demonstrators chanted about protecting Indonesia’s democracy and limiting soaring fuel and food prices.

»We demand that the lawmakers do not betray the country’s constitution by amending it,» one protest coordinator, identified as Kaharuddin, told The Associated Press. »We want them to listen to people’s aspirations.»

Police fired tear gas and water cannon at the protesters.

Jakarta police said a university lecturer who was participating in the protest sustained «grave» injuries after a «nonstudent» group battered
and stomped on him. Six officers who tried to help the lecturer were also injured, according to police.



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