Heavy snow alert prompts travel warning in Scotland
Drivers told to avoid venturing out in ‘treacherous’ conditions after Met Office amber alert.

Police are advising drivers not to travel on Wednesday night and early Thursday morning after the Met Office warned of persistent heavy snow across southern and central Scotland.

Police Scotland urged the public to think seriously before travelling in the “even more extreme conditions” forecast. The Met Office has issued an amber “be prepared” alert from 9pm on Wednesday until 5am on Thursday.

The head of road policing, Ch Supt Stewart Carle, said: “Weather conditions over the last few days have been extremely challenging, and this forecast of even more extreme conditions over the next day or so in these areas means that we have to advise drivers to avoid travelling, and, if they do, to expect severe delays of several hours or more.
“We urge people to think very seriously as to whether their journey is really necessary and worth the risk, and if they decide they really have to travel, to be fully prepared to be self-resilient. If you need medication, for example, ensure you have it with you.”


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